The technological development of the bridal industry has been remarkably slow when compared to other industries. That is about to change. I am certain that we are opening the door for new competitors by launching our bridal fashion B2B platform Digi Sposa. This will certainly benefit the bridal industry. Having competitors in our field is in fact good for our business too. It will push us to continue innovating and developing our platform to offer more benefits to our clients and stand even stronger in the market.

Many benefits differentiate Digi Sposa from other B2B platforms. Most come from the fact that Digi Sposa was developed by bridal fashion industry experts and professional software developers. This unique combination of knowledge and skills allows us to create a simple but powerful tool that simplifies bridal fashion businesses for smarter and smoother wholesale transactions.

Digi Sposa is not a new idea in itself since there are already B2B platforms dedicated to other industries. However, it is a unique tool that connects bridal brands and retailers, eliminates confusion and misunderstandings and reduces unnecessary costs. These benefits prevent customer dissatisfaction, negative impacts on sales and broken trust between bridal businesses.

Digi Sposa is not trying to replace sales reps or the trade shows in which collections are traditionally debuted to buyers. The bridal business is and will continue to be about looking, touching and feeling the products. We are simply offering a solution that simplifies business transactions to increase efficiency on both sides and ultimately help you eliminate errors, save on expenses and increase profit!

Here are a few of Digi Sposa’s benefits that differentiate it from other B2B platforms.

1. Optimise with our integrated tools

In addition to allowing you to create your digital showroom, Digi Sposa comes with an integrated CRM (customer relation management) system and several other useful tools I will mention throughout this article.

With all its tools, you can use Digi Sposa to optimise many daily activities, including administration, communication, order logistics and business transactions. All in one place!

2. Simplify

Founded in Oslo, Norway, we have taken a Nordic inspiration when it comes to design. We combined simplicity, minimalism and functionality when designing the Digi Sposa platform. 

Having said that, the Digi Sposa B2B platform was also  created having the perspectives of bridal designers, sellers, buyers and software developers in mind to make sure it suits everyone’s needs.

The platform is extremely user-friendly so that you and all the members of your team can understand all its functionalities within a couple of minutes. Its simplicity allows for better teamwork and eliminates the possibility of errors between you, your team and your business partners.

3. Be the first

As a bridal retailer, you can access and view new collections from different brands way earlier than trade shows dates. This gives you an opportunity to prepare yourself for upcoming trends in advance and be the first to order and get your selection delivered on time. 

4. Customise orders

As a bridal retailer, you and your team can place individual orders with any desired customisations. You can share your customisations with the brands directly on their images by adding sketches, comments or photos. Brands will of course need to confirm your edits before production. The best part about this feature is that you can easily reorder the same article again by using a single button!

5. Communicate efficiently

One of the benefits of Digi Sposa is that you can chat directly with your partners on the platform. This will save you time spent on phone calls and sending emails.

6. Manage contact information

Different members of your team manage different parts of your business and each of them has their own contact information. When creating your Digi Sposa profile, you can make sure that you provide the right contact information to make it easier for other businesses to find and chat directly with the right person. This works both ways! You will also be able to more easily find the contact information of the right person within a business you want to collaborate with.

7. Examine built-in reports

As a bridal brand, weekly, monthly and annual reports give you plenty of useful information. You will get an overview of your bestseller items and top retailers, easily measure your marketing campaigns and take all that information into consideration when planning future sales and marketing plans.

8. Be transparent

All businesses look for long-term partnerships but they are hard to come by. Doing the necessary background check on new partners is not easy and most times it feels like you are stepping into the unknown when entering a new partnership. New partners may look like shiny stars but turn out otherwise. For example, they could be copycats, have trouble following through with deliveries or not pay on time.

That is why we created reviews, where you can openly or anonymously share your experience with a fellow business. In addition to stimulating that business to improve their products or services, you will be contributing to the transparency of the industry and allowing others to take your experience into account when selecting new partnerships.

9. Stop surfing, start targeting

Imagine your brand: a tiny drop in the ocean. How difficult (and expensive) is it for your brand to appear on social media and search engines like Google? And even when bridal retailers find your brand it does not always mean it is a match for them.

And if you are a retailer, would it not be great to avoid spending many hours (or even days) searching through brands at traditional trade shows and use that time to generate profit instead?

In the Digi Sposa search engine your business is more likely to appear when others search for the exact specifications that match your profile’s. When you find a business you are interested in, you can go to its profile and view useful information such as minimum order, payment terms, other brands they are working with, reviews, etc. This way of searching makes it easier for both sides to find their perfect match!

10. Send newsletters

As a bridal brand, Digi Sposa offers you the ability to send newsletters free of charge. That is right! You can share your news with the entire platform and it will not cost you anything extra.

11. Benefit from reasonable prices

Tools like CRM systems are usually not only pricey but also one-sided and too complicated to understand. Digi Sposa offers an array of different tools for a fraction of what they would cost individually.

We have multiple packages of tools so that you can choose the one that best suits the size and needs of your business. As your business grows, you can easily upgrade to a more suitable package. So, you only pay for what you need at each stage. And without any hidden fees!

12. Invite partners

As a registered brand, you can invite retailers and allow them to get free access to your digital showroom, view and order collections, manage transactions and communication all in one place. The more brands and retailers that use Digi Sposa, the more useful it becomes because then you can use it to communicate with all your partners in one place!

13. Be part of a community

In addition to access to our weekly blog articles, as a Pro member of Digi Sposa you will have full access to our learning centre, where members of the bridal industry share their experiences and expertise.

As a bridal fashion brand or bridal retailer, your involvement in our learning centre will be highly appreciated and valued. We believe this tool will benefit and open doors for many bridal businesses and help create a stronger bridal industry. 

14. Support innovation

We want to continue improving our existing tools and developing new ones to benefit all businesses in the bridal fashion industry. By being part of Digi Sposa, you are allowing us to do just that and stay ahead of any future competitors!

This was a summary of the benefits of Digi Sposa. Stay tuned for a new series of articles in which I will go into detail on how Digi Sposa can help you face different challenges within your business. The first article is coming next week and will be about communication failure!

Get started on Digi Sposa today! , create your profile and start enjoying the benefits of Digi Sposa, an innovative solution that can do magic for your brand.