This article is the first of a new series of blog articles created to guide you through different challenges faced by bridal brands. Today I’m going to share with you how Digi Sposa can help elevate your B2B communication to be more efficient and eliminate errors!

How does Digi Sposa help you as a bridal brand?

Digi Sposa is an online B2B platform created to connect bridal businesses. It allow brands to have their digital showroom visible to retailers worldwide. The platform comes with several integrated tools which together offer a unique solution to manage all transactions in one place, including ordering and the key to success, communication! Aiming to give you the most value possible. It is developed to address both sellers’ and buyers’ needs. Digi Sposa make B2B bridal business easier than ever!

Your Communication Issues

Communication is key to the success of most businesses and communication failure is a serious concern. Issues in this area have the power to reduce trust between brands, retailers and end customers. When they happen, you end up with time wasted, unnecessary production errors, additional costs, dissatisfied customers and, of course, fewer sales.

Here are examples of communication issues that Digi Sposa can help you with:

  • Order received with missing information? Different bridal retailers have different ways of sending orders. Some use  management systems, some handwrite on a form and scan it, and others write a direct email. With so many different methods, it’s hard to ensure that all orders contain accurate essential information, such as the date, references, sizes, product names and numbers.
  • Dresses shipped back for improvements? This situation is often the result of poor communication between the retailer and the brand during the ordering process. Ideally all necessary modifications would have been communicated before the shipping took place!
  • Order confirmation not received? Email is the most common tool used by bridal brands to send order confirmations to retailers. It isn’t fail-proof though! From time to time, your emails can end up in spam or simply disappear due to human error and you won’t know until you receive an angry reply from a dissatisfied retailer!
  • Old order confirmation disappeared? Sometimes you get requests from happy retailers who want to reorder their favourite dresses. What should be good news often turns into a mess when you unsuccessfully try to track down all the information from the retailer’s previous order. It’s a tiresome and confusing process that often takes too much time!
  • Overdue invoices? A healthy cash flow is an essential part of a successful business and affects its ability to fulfil incoming orders. Sending emails reminding customers of their overdue payments is both uncomfortable and time-consuming but is something that needs to be done.
  • Inefficient teamwork? When done properly, teamwork maximizes your business’s efficiency and allows you to reach your goals in an easier and faster way. However, communication issues between your staff can cause endless headaches and jeopardise your efforts!

Our Solutions

There are many ways in which Digi Sposa facilitates B2B communication. Let me walk you through some of the solutions we offer!

  1. By creating a profile on Digi Sposa, you’ll give retailers full access to view your collections and to get all the information they need.
  2. We also created an internal messaging centre where you can chat directly with the right person. There you can answer any and all inquiries and provide your retailers with the support and information they need to secure the deal.
  3. With our simple tools, retailers can place orders whenever they want and can easily include the desired sizes, measurements and individual modifications in their order.
  4. On Digi Sposa you won’t need to attach documents – with one click your order confirmation or invoice will appear in your retailer’s profile!
  5. Best of all, within Digi Sposa, all your retailers use the same ordering system. This helps both sides save time and eliminate errors!
  6. Digi Sposa can also help with communication issues within your team. On our platform, you can create separate profiles for all the members of your team. This allows you to give your staff a clearer view of what’s happening at a given moment, resulting in better and smoother teamwork.

Stay tuned for our next blog article, where we’ll go through how Digi Sposa optimises order Management!