This is new series of Blog articles to guide you through different challenges faced by bridal brands. Today I’m going to share with you of how Digi Sposa community benefits your bridal  business.

How does Digi Sposa help you as a bridal brand?

Digi Sposa is an online B2B platform created to connect bridal businesses. It allows brands to have their digital showroom visible to retailers worldwide and was designed and developed to address both sellers’ and buyers’ needs. The platform comes with several integrated tools which together offer a unique solution to manage all transactions in one place. Digi Sposa promotes connection and cooperation making B2B communication easier than ever!

Be a part of a community!

Bees are able to build empires by working together. Think of how being part of a community of bridal businesses could push you & your business  forward as well! Joining a community of bridal businesses broadens your professional network, meaning you will not only meet potential partners but also have an increased chance of meeting successful entrepreneurs in your industry.

Why is that important? There is a lot we can learn from others’ experiences and finding the right mentor may be key for your business to prosper!

 Issues from not being part of a community

There are business owners that choose to distance themselves from their competition and to limit communication with their partners. Here are a few issues you might face if you choose to not be part of a community:

·     Do you feel alone? One of the biggest threats to an entrepreneur’s success is becoming isolated. It may not only affect your mental health but also result in creative stagnation.

·     Do you belong to the wrong community? It is not enough to be part of a community. While being part of different communities is good, no other can replace the benefits of a “bridal industry community” where you can learn from fellow bridal businesses.

·     Do you lack knowledge? Learning and doing everything by yourself is impossible. There is no other way to put it. The main reasons why you will benefit from joining a community is learning from and collaborating with other bridal business owners.

·     Are you making too many mistakes? Everyone makes mistakes but more so those who try to do everything by themselves. Mistakes cost you time and money. The good news is that they may be minimised by having the right people guiding you!

·     Are you too short on budget for a mentor? You could also hire a personal mentor but that is expensive. You can invest in more important areas of your business with the money you save by learning from a community instead.

Benefits of the Digi Sposa community

Digi Sposa aims to be an open international community for bridal businesses, including bridal brands, retailers, members of the press and all others that are part of the bridal industry.

There are many ways in which being a member of a community facilitates your bridal business. Let me now walk you through some of the solutions the Digi Sposa community offers!

1.  Join our learning centre. At Digi Sposa we created a learning centre where members of the bridal industry share their expertise with each other. Joining it means you will be part of a tight-knit community of bridal fashion brands and retailers!

2.  Help each other. Relying on a community of bridal businesses means that you’re surrounded by people who know exactly what you’re going through and offer their support. Our learning centre enables all members to welcome, help and inspire people in ways not possible as individuals.

3.  Connect with the right people. When you join the Digi Sposa community, you also give yourself the opportunity to broaden your network and connect with people who can open up your business to new opportunities.

4.  Avoid mistakes. Get advice and feedback from successful bridal business owners and learn how to avoid costly mistakes and how to take your business to the next level.

5.  Read our blog and newsletters. Increase your knowledge and keep yourself updated and inspired with news and useful information by reading our weekly blog articles and newsletter.

6.  Build a better future. As a member of Digi Sposa, you are building a community of like-minded businesses. Besides Learning from others and broadening your network, you are bringing the bridal industry together and giving it a chance to grow to a higher level!

Having competition may be beneficial! Stay tuned for my next blog article where I will explain the benefits of having competitors in your field.

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