Nowadays, every part of our daily lives is related to advanced technology. It puts all the information we need at our fingertips and allows us to complete both simple and complex tasks much more easily. Businesses are also making the best of these new technologies. A type of technology that is currently shaping the world of business is the B2B e-commerce platform.

Many industries benefit from B2B e-commerce platforms, including bridal fashion. A B2B online platform specially designed for the bridal fashion industry, like Digi Sposa, allows brands and retailers to manage all parts of their business relationship in one single place.

How does a B2B e-commerce platform like Digi Sposa work? It starts with bridal fashion brands showcasing their collections to retailers on their digital profile. Then, brands and retailers get in touch through the platform’s online chat and discuss details. Finally the order is placed and managed in the included ordering CRM system. What makes Digi Sposa unique is that it is not only an online showroom or an ordering system. It is both!

This is beneficial in many ways. Focusing on one platform instead of having a whole bunch that serve different purposes is more efficient and gives you more control. Here are eight reasons why a complete B2B e-commerce platform can simplify your bridal business. 

1. Increased visibility

As a bridal fashion brand, you will be able to improve brand awareness by showcasing your creations to thousands of bridal retailers worldwide. Retailers can search for exact specifications and brands appear in the results when their profile matches what the retailer is looking for. This means your brand will be seen by retailers who might not have come across your beautiful creations elsewhere!

Instead of having to swim through a digital ocean full of bridal fashion brands on social media and search engines, retailers can now find brands in a simpler and quicker way. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

2. Improved efficiency

A complete B2B e-commerce platform like Digi Sposa integrates tools that simplify your everyday business transactions. This allows you to be more efficient, save time and prevent errors in all aspects of administration, communication and logistics. Even when you are not online, potential customers will be able to view your digital profile and place orders!

3. Potential scalability

Creating a digital profile and showcasing your collection on a B2B e-commerce platform allows potential retailers all over the world to find you.

Finding new potential customers this way opens new sales channels and allows you to continuously reach new market segments. The more retailers you reach, the more sales you will generate at the end of the day!

The efficient order taking and processing system will also require less time from you and therefore allow you to increase your order throughput and scale your business.

4. Lower marketing costs 

Trade shows, showrooms, ADS, printing materials and travels are expensive investments that may affect your wholesale prices. Not only that but they are also time-consuming and too much of a hassle.

Being part of a B2B e-commerce platform means you have more retailers coming to you and less need to go out and find them yourself. Some of the investments mentioned will no longer be needed!

5. Higher transparency

On a platform like Digi Sposa, brands and retailers share their profiles with full transparency. These include recommendations from other businesses based on their experience with that brand regarding customer service, order, delivery, quality, etc. With access to profiles and recommendations, it is easier for both parties to choose their perfect match while feeling safe.

6. Easier management

With access to a variety of reports, you can easily keep track of your daily and monthly sales figures, your bestseller products, your inventory and your customer engagement metrics.

7. Exceptional customer service

Now that your customers have access to a shared platform with account, order, history and tracking information, your customer service can perform actual customer service tasks! You can focus on getting customer feedback and acting on it instead of being stuck processing orders.

8. Like-minded B2B community

Joining a B2B e-commerce platform allows you to become part of a tight community of bridal fashion brands and retailers. Digi Sposa, for example, has a learning centre where members of the bridal industry ask questions and share their expertise, knowing that someone in the same boat will reply and offer a different perspective.

Stay tuned for my next article where we will explore the differences between Digi Sposa, the bridal fashion B2B platform and other B2B e-commerce platforms on the market!