Atelier Emelia Paris is a French family business and above all, a brand created by women for women. Their wedding dresses and other beautiful designs are made of simplicity, authenticity, and creativity.

In a global and digitalized world, where information is constant, we see people turning back to fundamental values and looking for meaning in their lives. Atelier Emelia Paris wants to reinterpret wedding tradition and fashion to suit this free, modern woman in love.

Atelier Emelia Paris was created in 2015 by the founders of the well-known international French brand Cymbeline. With 45 years of experience, the three designers Evelyne, Chantal, and Monique Joubert are eager to continue designing handcrafted pieces at their historical workshop in Nemours, 60 km away from Paris, but with a new approach.

One of the members of this talented family is Sophie Delaroche, CEO of Atelier Emelia Paris. Today we speak with Sophie about their brand, including what it takes to create their wedding dresses and what the future has in store for them.

Atelier Emelia Paris’s collections are always stunning. Could you tell us more about where the inspiration for them comes from?

We always have two main collections of bridal dresses. In addition to the Intemporelles collection, which never goes out-of-date as it stands for timeless, we present one collection a year. This year is called Collection 2021. On our online shop, we also offer bridal nighties, tops, masks, bolero jackets, skirts, and pants.

At Atelier Emelia Paris, we do not draw our dresses, we create them by following our intuition. Most of the time the story begins with fabric, lace, and embroidery, but it can also start with something as simple as a trip.

How are your designs crafted? Are there specific techniques and fabrics you use?

We are very attached to the French savoir-faire and are proud to manufacture most of our designs in France, including at our main workshop in Nemours. We also have the pleasure to collaborate with local and international artisans and our business partner in Portugal who produces the orders for our distributors.

Our three expert seamstresses have deep know-how of cutting, fitting, and creativity which flourishes endlessly. Their expertise is augmented by the work of the masters in craftsmanship they collaborate with, including the lacemakers of Calais, the embroiderers of Villers Outréaux, and the best Italian and Spanish weavers for mikados, tulle, or silk organza.

Where can people find your beautiful French wedding dresses?

People can find our bespoke creations at our two flagship stores located in Paris, in the Marais district, and in Nemours, close to our workshop. We also work with 54 multibrand retailers to increase our reach.

As of today, our creations are mostly available in Europe, including France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Holland. We also have one distributor in New York, USA, and we are working on expanding to the British and American markets in the near future.

What is the price range of Atelier Emelia Paris’s wedding dresses?

Each Atelier Emelia Paris creation is made with love, unique French know-how, and the best fabrics. We also give our clients the ultimate wedding retail experience in our shops in Paris and in Nemours. Yet, we strive to give them a very affordable price range, with an average retail price of 2500€.

As CEO of Atelier Emelia Paris, how do you start your day and what are your everyday tasks?

When I wake up, I start by checking my social media and my emails. I am fond of Instagram and I find it essential for a CEO to always be up-to-date. Then I get ready for the day and I meet up with my family right before going to the workshop. I mean it when I say that we are a family business. Family is everything to me.

Every day is different, but basically, I go to the workshop every day and I try to have a family meeting every morning. Right before starting the day, it’s coffee time and we talk about news, trends, and business. I work closely with my cousin Emilie, who is the head of the creation process, as well as with my mother and my two aunts, who are the seamstresses and holders of the haute couture know-how.

Then I check my emails, call my partners, see my clients, work on the next season, etc. Right now, my main goal is to expand Atelier Emelia Paris’s activity and penetrate the British and American markets.

How is Atelier Emelia Paris adapting to today’s market?

As a team, we try to forecast future trends and anticipate our clients’ needs. The fact that we have our own shops allows us to have direct contact with the customers and hear from them precisely what they like and what they want to see from us in the future.

We also regularly hire young interns, who bring useful insights along with their fresh perspective of Atelier Emelia Paris.

Where do you see yourself and your brand in the future?

Creating Atelier Emelia Paris was a challenge to me as it implied that I had to rebuild the family business. Together we wanted to write a new page in the history of wedding fashion. While some may see it as a disaster, I truly believe that it allowed us to come back stronger than ever. We reinvented the company, and I love it.

In the future, I would love to keep on reinventing Atelier Emelia Paris and telling the story of this family business that has been running for three generations now. If you want to know more about these authentic yet creative French wedding dresses, visit Atelier Emelia Paris’s website.