This is new series of blog articles created to guide you through different challenges faced by bridal brands. Today I’m going to share with you how Digi Sposa benefits your bridal brands of having a digital profile 

How does Digi Sposa help you as a bridal brand?

Digi Sposa is an online B2B platform created to connect bridal businesses. It allows brands to have their digital showroom visible to retailers worldwide and was designed and developed to address both sellers’ and buyers’ needs. The platform comes with several integrated tools which together offer a unique solution to manage all transactions in one place. Digi Sposa promotes connection and cooperation making B2B communication easier than ever!

Digital Profile For Your Bridal Brand 

Having a strong online presence is essential to increase your brand’s visibility in the market and to open doors for potential customers. Your digital presence includes not only a website but also other digital profiles of your bridal brand. I am talking about social media profiles, Google Business and local search listings, apps, videos, blogs, online advertising and even your Digi Sposa profile!

Issues within your digital presence

Let’s start by talking about the issues you might face when trying to make the best of your digital profiles: 

  • Lost in the crowd. Imagine your brand exhibiting at an international trade show. Your stand is a tiny drop in an ocean of stands. To justify the investment made, you need to find ways to attract retailers to your stand. A similar process takes place online. The internet, search engines and social media platforms are like an ocean of information. How lucky does your brand need to be to stand out in the crowd?
  • Time is money. Website, social media profiles and blog articles are great tools to increase your brand awareness in the market, increase your network and provide you with potential customers. Those strategies may work well but are time-consuming and expensive. And even when you invest a lot in them, you may find that it is difficult for your brand to appear on social media and search engine results and that brand retailers that contact you are not a good match!
  • Credibility. Bridal retailers today do a lot of research. They like to look at your business and read recommendations before making a purchase. It is important for the digital profiles of your brand to show your credibility!

Benefits of a digital profile on Digi Sposa

There are many ways in which Digi Sposa supports your business in this digital world. Let me walk you through some of the solutions we offer!

  1. Be found. In the Digi Sposa search engine your business is more likely to appear when others search for the exact specifications that match your profile. With one click, you can request a connection and get  access to the digital profile of other businesses and view all their useful information. This way of searching makes it easier for both sides to find their perfect match while saving them time and money!
  2. Be the first. On Digi Sposa, Your retailers can access and view new collections way earlier than through trade shows. This benefits retailers immensely since it allows them to timely prepare for upcoming trends. On the other hand, it also gives you an opportunity to get ahead of the pack and be the first to receive orders from interested retailers.
  3. Increase your credibility. Your potential partners can do their research by looking into your profile on Digi Sposa. They can get a sense of your style and read recommendations by your previous partners. This transparency shows potential customers that you are professional and increases your credibility as a bridal brand. They will know you are worth their time and money!
  4. Make the best of useful tools. Digi Sposa comes with several integrated tools that together allow you to manage all transactions in one place. Digi Sposa promotes connection and cooperation making B2B communication and order management easier than ever!
  5. Stay tune for my next blog article. We’ll dive deep into why it is so important for bridal businesses to come together and how being part of a community in Digi Sposa facilitates business!