Katya Katya is an unmissable name when it comes to boho wedding dresses. Founded in 2011 and based in the United Kingdom, this amazing brand creates vintage-inspired wedding dresses with a unique and fashion-forward edge.

Katya Katya’s non-structured lace and tulle dresses are created with the modern bride in mind. Their vision is to create dresses where brides can be themselves without any compromise and enjoy every moment of their wedding, whilst feeling special.

We had the honor to speak with Katya Shehurina, co-founder and creative director of Katya Katya, about the process behind their collections. Here is our conversation.

How do you start your day and what are your everyday tasks?

Every day is different. One thing that is always constant though is having breakfast with my daughter Mila and my husband Mark. It is such a special part of the day and we always try to spend this time together.

At the moment I am working on a new Katya Katya collection for 2022. As usual, when my first sketches are ready, I go through all the details with Marina, my business partner and co-founder of Katya Katya. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, I haven’t been able to travel to London, so we’ve been spending hours on the phone instead.

Where do you get inspiration for the unique collections that Katya Katya surprises us with each year?

We normally present two collections a year. One in autumn and one in January/February. I get my inspiration for them from many things but timeless designs, women’s classic style, art, and nature around me equally inspire the collections.

KATYA KATYA Collection
Katya Katya collection 2021

Tell us about Katya Katya’s dresses. What specific techniques and fabrics do you use?

Katya Katya wedding dresses are non-structured dresses with a boho feel. Katya Katya has a unique aesthetic character that blends vintage-inspired styles with a fashion-forward feel. We aim to set our brand apart from others with distinct design elements.

All our garments are demi-couture, made at our studio in Latvia as well as at handmade embroideries. We use luxurious materials like French laces, soft tulles, and Swarovski crystals. With interchangeable microfiber slips, we give a twist to our dresses without compromising the feeling of comfort that every bride deserves.

Hand made embroideries at Katya Katya studio

Are all Katya Katya wedding dresses manufactured in Latvia?

All our dresses are manufactured at our studio in Riga, Latvia. This makes the whole process convenient and very flexible. During the design process, we usually redesign a few details on our dresses to ensure that they are perfect for each bride.

Where can people find your products?

We have stockists all over Europe, including the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, and the US, South Korea, Japan, and China.

Katya Katya’s full range collection is presented and can be ordered at our flagship store in London. In addition, our accessories line and midi collections are available to order online.

Can you give us an idea of Katya Katya’s prices?

Our retail price range is between £1490 and £3600.

What actions is Katya Katya taking to adapt to the market of today?

We have been very lucky to have supportive brides who stayed positive and worked with us throughout such an unusual time.

We have noticed brides are now planning their weddings on shorter notice. We offer express production to deliver their dream wedding dresses in time for their big day.

We are seeing brides who are cautious and prefer waiting for further announcements before choosing their wedding date. However, a lot of our brides have opted for more intimate weddings rather than postponing them. That is why we launched our midi collection. These wedding dresses are perfect for a registry office ceremony, a city wedding, or even a small or more relaxed wedding.

What is next for you and your brand?

We hope to work with more stockists worldwide in the future. We would love to see even more brides wearing Katya Katya wedding dresses!

If you want to take a look at Katya Katya’s boho wedding dresses, head over to their website.