This article is the first of a new series of blog articles created to guide you through different challenges faced by bridal brands. Today I’m going to share with you how Digi Sposa can help you facilitates and optimize your B2B order management!

How does Digi Sposa help you as a bridal brand?

Digi Sposa is an online B2B platform created to connect bridal businesses. It allow brands to have their digital showroom visible to retailers worldwide. The platform comes with several integrated tools which together offer a unique solution to manage all transactions in one place, including ordering and the key to success, communication! Aiming to give you the most value possible. It is developed to address both sellers’ and buyers’ needs. Digi Sposa make B2B bridal business easier than ever!

Your order management issues 

Using an Order Management System (OMS) can bring many benefits to your business! With an OMS you can manage all your orders in one place. This increases your control over the orders and helps reduce errors. Ultimately it improves the sales process and increases customer satisfaction, essential ingredients to create returning clients.

There are many OMS for you to choose from but I want to alert you to the fact that many of those available today are not designed to satisfy the specific needs of bridal businesses.  On the other hand,the OMS integrated with Digi Sposa is designed and dedicated specific to your bridal brand and your retailers.

Here are some of the order management issues you might face in your day-to-day activity:

  •  One-sided system?While many small businesses use spreadsheets to manage their order logistics, medium-sized businesses invest in more complex OMS to manage theirs. Unfortunately, most of those systems are one-sided and do not provide a connection between bridal brands and retailers.
  • Sent a dress of the wrong size?There is a big difference between the regular European size 38 and the Italian or French size 38. The same goes for the UK size 6 and the US size 6. This begs the question: how can you as a bridal brand make sure retailers understand these differences and place orders for dresses of the correct sizes?
  • Reordering a modified dress? Different markets have different needs. During trade shows, retailers order their first prototypes with modifications based on the needs of their individual markets. By the end of the day you have orders for many variations of the one dress, resulting in a great deal of confusion. Not to mention when a retailer later reorders that specific dress and you spend hours tracking down their previous order!
  • Out of storage?Storing your orders/confirmations, invoices, and even emails and images in your device or hard drive takes up a lot of space! Those storage methods are not ideal since they can be quite confusing, cause your device to run slow, and be pricey.
  •  No time for customer service? All these issues around order management may leave you with no time to care for your customers. If you could make a priority of customer satisfaction, you would be sure to see an increase in sales and profits.

Our solutions

There are many ways in which Digi Sposa facilitates and optimize B2B order management for bridal businesses! Let me walk you through some of the solutions we offer.

  1. Integrated Order Management System (OMS). Digi Sposa comes with an integrated OMS where you can easily create, update, manage, process, share, and have complete control over your orders.
  2. Order history. The fact that both bridal brands and retailers use the same OMS within Digi Sposa eliminates many errors. It also makes it easier to track and reorder previous orders since both brands and retailers have access to the complete order history.
  3. Choose the correct size. In our order system, your retailers can download brands’ size charts and the sizes change automatically based on what country and sizes your retailer is operating with.
  4. Send with one click. Confirming an order or creating an invoice has never been easier! With one click brands can create order confirmations or invoices and automatically send them to the retailer’s profile.
  5. Access to reports. The Digi Sposa’s OMS offers useful sales reports and financial information. With that information, you can see what is and is not working and use that information to improve your sales and marketing plans.
  6. Work in the cloud. In Digi Sposa all your orders/confirmations, invoices, and even messages are stored in the cloud. You can access all of those from anywhere at any time. This gives you & your team members  full control over your orders and your business.
  7. Exceptional customer service. You will save time by using the Digi Sposa’s OMS because you will no longer be stuck processing orders. With the spare time you can focus on improving customer service by actively acting on the customer feedback you receive.

Stay tuned for my next blog article, where we’ll dive deep into the digital world. I’ll share with you why I find it essential for bridal businesses to have a digital profile at Digi Sposa!