This article is the first of a new series of blog articles created to present to you European high-end bridal brands. Today I’m going to share with you facts about one of our partners at the Digi Sposa platform, Olvi’s.

Short fact about Olvi’s

Olvi’s was founded in 2002 in Amsterdam by the designer and head of the company, Olga Yermolova. Headquarter is based in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Olvi’s vision states are to become a Global Women’s Luxury brand for the refined woman. Olvi’s mission states are to celebrate femininity in all life’s occasions and encourage women to show their femininity. Olvi’s enhances a range of themes that are all under the umbrella idea of a special dream world filled with fantasies and magic. Allowing women to escape daily life and enter a special fairy-tale of make-believe and dreams with our brand. 

How do you start your day and what are your everyday tasks?

Aylya Mihaylova Marketing Manager at Olvi’s
Aylya Mihaylova, Marketing Manager at Olvi’s

We usually start our day with a coffee or tea and catching up on important tasks for the day/week. Designing newsletters, Creating content for our social media accounts, Responding to customer requests, Managing our e-commerce website, Creating pieces of writing for e.g. our lookbooks & advertorials.

What are the characteristics of Olvi’s? Are there specific techniques and fabrics you use?

Our main signature is the finest French stretch lace that is featured in our designs. This characteristic allows our garments to be comfortable and is complementing every type of figure. Each product is handmade and can be delivered in 6-8 weeks. The elegant and sophisticated designs are combined with only the highest quality materials creating a highly individual look. Craftmanship is one of our true core values. Europe’s best seamstresses are trained to make an entire dress from A-Z. Nothing is automated or mass-produced on our production site. 

Tell us about Olvi’s collections and where do you get your inspiration?

Olvi’s collections of bridal dresses
Olvi’s bridal collections 2021

Per year we introduce a main bridal collection in March and a small capsule bridal collection in fall. Olvi’s works with different themes for each collection represent a special dream world. It can be inspired by French Revolution, Western, fairytales but it always gives women the possibility to enter a daydream that becomes her reality. Besides our bridal collection, we offer a broad range of evening gowns, dresses, casual wear, and a kid’s collection. Mothers of the brides, flower girls and bridesmaids can all be dressed in Olvi’s.

Where do you manufacture?

manufacturing & production at Olvi’s
made to order at Olvi’s

We have our own production site close to Kiev in Ukraine. We produce our dresses from start to end product solely on our own production site. Furthermore, we produce without MOQand offer made-to-order products. All the products we introduce in our collections will become NOS styles, which allows customers to constantly re-order styles they have in their stores.

Where can we find Olvi’s collections?

Our products are available in more than 35 countries worldwide. Our main markets are Germany and the United States. Our main distribution is within the B2B wholesale sector, but we also have our own e-commerce website on which consumers can directly shop a selection of items. The selection of items we offer on our e-commerce is not overlapping with the products sold in B2B wholesale. Furthermore, we have our own flagship store in the famous P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam, which is decorated in our magical Olvi’s aesthetic. Shopping there is a magical experience that allows you to enter an exceptional dream world filled with our outstanding designs.

What is Olvi’s price range?

We have two bridal collections: Our Olvi’s bridal Collection starts from around 180€ and goes up to approximately 900€ WHP. Olga Yermoloff Bridal Collection starts from approximately 1.045€ and goes up to approximately 1.500€ WHP

What actions Olvi’s are taking/ or planning in order to adapt to the market today?

We introduced our first loungewear collection that meets the requirements of the new normal of home-office and home dates. Women should feel confident and beautiful no matter in which life occasion they are currently wandering. Our loungewear collection as well as our newly introduced essentials line allow women to feel not only beautiful but also comfortable in their own home – skin, and house.

Furthermore, we have now made a selection of wedding dresses that are a bit more adaptable to different situations our brides have to face in those new and challenging times, but our designs do not restrict on its outstanding Olvi’s character. We still want to offer our brides the most exciting brand experience and a magical wedding filled with endless love.

Where do you see Olvi’s in the future?

We strive to grow our brand and continuously expand our collections in order to meet the refined women’s expectations and serve them with the finest and most outstanding designs.