As the world faces a viral pandemic, the ways in which we live and work are being challenged. More and more industries are realising the benefits of going digital. This trend is by no means new but has been accelerated by the current situation. The bridal fashion industry is no exception. Going digital enables bridal fashion brands and retailers to expand their customer base in a cost-effective way and to seamlessly face challenging times.

The current limitations of bridal fashion trade shows

Bridal fashion trade shows worldwide were postponed in 2020 to help contain this new coronavirus and businesses are now forced to find better ways to connect with one another. Trude Sadoni, CEO and creative director of sustainable bridal fashion brand SADONI, sees limitations in “the traditional way of presenting collections in trade shows.” According to Trude Sadoni, these expositions force brands and retailers to incur in “high expenses.” The decrease in the number of visitors over the last few years make these events even less beneficial. “The brides of today use new technology to find their wedding dress and they are searching for their dream gown much earlier than before. As a result, retailers look for brands earlier as well,” Trude Sadoni adds. Therefore, the “very short sales period” defined by bridal fashion trade shows no longer meets the needs of bridal fashion brands and retailers.

New technology is helping bridal fashion businesses go digital

Trude Sadoni explains that “these days bridal fashion brands are looking for innovative methods to meet customers that don’t invest in trade shows or prefer to make their selections in privacy.” According to Trude Sadoni, retailers also benefit from going digital since it allows them “to seek out brands that offer different values, design and service. The world is getting more unique and diverse by the minute” and going digital is the best way to keep up and benefit from these changes.

I believe there is already incredible awareness of how technology can enable growth in the bridal fashion sector. With the technology available nowadays, many businesses are benefiting from new ways to approach their existing and new customers, avoiding the traditional way to make business in the bridal industry.

Alexandr Goncharov, one of the founders of Loonar Studios and partner of Digi Sposa, agrees and adds that the technology world is speeding up each year. “As a digital workshop of IT solutions, we’re seeing a continuous increase in the establishment of online businesses. Many regular businesses are also transitioning to digital businesses,” Alexandr Goncharov notes. There are new technologies helping bridal fashion brands and retailers find and communicate with each other in this digital world. One is Digi Sposa, a bridal fashion B2B platform.

The role and benefits of a bridal fashion B2B platform

An online B2B platform designed specially for the bridal fashion industry, like Digi Sposa, provides an easy way for potential customers to discover other businesses and to purchase their products online. Bringing sellers and buyers together in one place also provides other benefits. Instead of having countless ways to contact their partners, bridal fashion businesses can use a single shared platform to present and search new collections, to handle orders and reorders, to invoice and to do pretty much everything else they need in the process. It avoids confusion, errors and wasted time.

Stay tuned for my next article where we will dive deeper into how an online B2B platform for bridal brands and retailers, like Digi Sposa, can simplify a bridal fashion business!